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About Us

Indoor Kingdoms launched as a consumer product brand under Bigger Than Life Advertising in 2020. For over 35 years Bigger Than Life has been the industry-leader in designing & producing experiential/event inflatables for music festivals, movie premieres, trade shows, pop-up shops and more.

With 90% of our business being tied to events, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit it had a huge impact on our company.  With many of our projects canceled and not knowing when events would come back, we put on our thinking caps to figure out what we could do until things got back to normal.

Also during this time, self-quarantining made us quickly realize how tough it is to keep kids entertained indoors, and with limited space it makes it that much more challenging! A lightbulb went off in our heads: what if we could create an inflatable playhouse which would be BIG fun and that you could pack away and store when playtime was over? From these circumstances Indoor Kingdoms was born!
Check out our evening news feature from CBS8 (San Diego) on "The Zevely Zone".