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What exactly is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a website where Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Start-Ups can introduce new products and fund their initial production. If you like the product you can back it on the Kickstarter website and be one of the first people to get one. 

When you back a product on Kickstarter you are committing to buy one if the project is fully funded. You are not charged for backing the project until the Kickstarter timeline has ended and it is fully funded.

Why are we on Kickstarter?

We need to raise $15,000.00 so we can meet our suppliers MOQs (minimum order quantity) for the materials/parts for the castle including the Oxford Nylon, internal fans, etc. These partners require large order quantities and so this will help to get us started.

How To Pre-Order 

Step One: 

Go to our Project on Kickstarter by clicking this URL: 


You should be at a page that looks exactly like the image below. Simple click the dark green button that says Back this project.


Step Two: 

Here is where you will see the pledge options. Click the white circle which is the cheapest price available, and that circle should turn green and look like the image below. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure the shipping destination is correct.

Then click the dark green button that says Continue.

Step Three

You probably don't want another online account, and so let's keep it easy. Simply click the light blue text that says Continue as a guest

Step Four:

Enter your email in the Email address box and then enter that exact same email in the Confirm email box, and then click the dark green button that says Continue as a guest.

This is where you will get updates on your pre-order - including when it ships and tracking number. 

Step Five: 

This is where you enter your payment information. Please know these 3 important things about payment.

1. Your card is ONLY charged if the project is successful.

2. Your card will be charged on August 11th 2020

3. You can request a full-refund which will be automatically accepted BEFORE the castle ships. Once it ships it will fall under our Return Policy.